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Song Challenges launched for GuitarBots

GuitarBots now enables teachers and online tutors to create, upload and share their teaching material into online game levels easily!
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GuitarBots launches Mr. Fastfinger challenge

SAN FRANCISCO – (May 14, 2013) – Ovelin ltd. announced today the release of Mr. Fastfinger challenge, a song package geared toward advanced guitarists.
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Guitarbots Turns Guitar practice into social gaming

SAN FRANCISCO – (April 29, 2013) – Ovelin ltd. announced today the release of GuitarBots social features to turn guitar practice into social gaming.
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GuitarBots Valentine's Day Package released

GuitarBots Valentine’s day package features three new levels , with Valentine’s day-themed challenges suitable for both beginners and more advanced guitarists.
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GuitarBots christmas song package released

The release enables any beginner or advanced guitarist to get ready for the holiday season by learning to play Christmas songs on the guitar, playing a computer game
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Ovelin launches GuitarBots

Ovelin ltd. announced today the release of their second title GuitarBots, an innovative guitar learning game played online with any real guitar – acoustic or electric.
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