Want to join the fun?

Marketing manager (User Acquisition)

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Rock(n’roll)-solid SOFTWARE DEVELOPER

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Start-up seasoned Human Resources lead

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“Getting things done” – Product Manager

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Internships – 2014

For internships we are working together with Startup Sauna (internships). If you are interested in an internship position or summer work, please apply at :

Please note that we will NOT consider or reply to direct applications for internships.

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Got something we else we need?

"Open application" usually means that you end up in the company HR waiting list.

This is not the case at Ovelin. Many members of our team have been discovered through open applications or other channels.

Send us an open application - you might be our newest team member next week!

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Applying to Ovelin

Want to make a good impression? Please check the following before sending in your application:

1) Your application is in English.

2) Brief application is included.

3) References & CV are attached.

Thank you!